Agios Petros of Arcadia


The beautiful village of Agios Petros (Saint Peter) is built on a verdant forest slope of Mount Parnon, at an altitude of 950 meters, with picturesque alleys, well preserved old houses and shops and the characteristic church of Saints Apostles Peter and Paul in the main square. It is an ideal base for excursions in the surrounding area and a visit to the famous Malevis Monastery, which is only 7 km away. If you are interested in hiking, you can walk in the surrounding slopes full of chestnut trees, apple trees and plane trees and even reach the peaks of Parnonas.

In the surrounding area and in the village itself there are many interesting sights worth visiting.

The Monastery of Malevi with the miraculous image of Our Lady, built in a unique in Europe cedar forest.

In the area of ​​Xerokambi lies the famous Oria Castle and the Lepida Gorge with its unique waterfall.

The Tower of Trikalitis built during the Turkish occupation.

The chapel of Saint George is 10 minutes away from the village with a traditional fountain, a large plane tree and benches in its surroundings making it an ideal picnic area.

In summer, after a 40-minute drive you can reach the Paralio Astros to enjoy a swim on its beautiful beaches.

In the picturesque village square you will find taverns, traditional cafés and shops with local produce.

Just 2.5 hours from Athens, 40 minutes from Tripoli and 50 minutes from Sparta, the village of Agios Petros is an ideal destination all year round.


  • 190 km from Athens
  • 35 km from Tripoli
  • 40 km from Sparta
  • 110 km from Kalamata
  • 7 km from Malevis Monastery
  • 47 km from Mystras
  • 37 km from Paralio Astros
  • 65 km from Nafplio
  • 10 χλμ from Karyes
  • 17 χλμ from Ano Doliana
  • 20 χλμ from Vamvakou
  • 29 χλμ from Kastanitsa


You will reach Agios Petros by car via Tripoli City and then follow the Provincial Road Tripoli - Paralio Astros.

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